Our Service

Our Services

  • Disseminating Relevant News and Information

We collect and share relevant news and information about the agricultural industry in both Nigeria and other African countries. This serves as a means of research for other organizations or countries that may want to find out information or invest in Africa’s agriculture sector.


  • Land Acquisition and Sourcing

AgricNation also helps with the sourcing and acquisitions of land anywhere in Nigeria. Whether the client wants to buy or sale a piece of land, we are there to help with all the documentations and legal procedures necessary with that process.


  • Soil Investigation and Analysis

We provide clients with professional and competent scientists and engineers for consultation purposes. They will help determine the type, components, nutrient content and PH level of a soil, to ensure that the soil condition is favorable for the crop that is to be planted or harvested.


  • Farm Management

Clients and landowners who do not personally farm on their land would benefit from our farm management services. We provide our clients with professional and experienced farmers, to help in the building and management of the farm. Regular detailed inspections and reports of the farm, farming laws and regulations, soil history, farm supervision and detailed marketing plans are just some of the ways that AgricNation helps our clients out with farm management.


  • Agricultural Consultancy

We provide customers with specialist and experienced advisers to help with the use and management of their agricultural land. Making the best use of a portion land is very important in agriculture and farming in order to prevent wastages or poor yields, and that is what our consultants advise our clients on. Advice on the best crops to be grown at a given period of time helps to maximize profit and land usage.


  • Livestock Breeding

Animal breeding of farm animals is another service that we render to customers. We are experienced in the breeding of all farm animals like cattle, horses, pigs, sheep, chickens and many others. We ensure that these animals are not overfeeding but breeding adequately on the farm so that they produce the best of their products, be it eggs, meat milk or lard, whatever the case may be.