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How to make living with Grasscutter farming

Arinze Onebunne

Backyard grasscutter farming only needs an area of about three metres to earn you additional income, while keeping many top class restaurants supplied with healthy meat. Housewives, students, the unemployed, business-minded people, retired people; and anyone with some free time can try it. The giant crossbreed grasscutter is a highly sought-after meat that thrives everywhere in Nigeria. It is prized by healthy meat lovers for its distinct taste, and succulent texture.

People are being health-conscious and are cutting out red meat and chemically-raised livestock from their menu. The grasscutter is a fixture of healthy cuisines that are popular among health-conscious people, generally appearing in top class restaurants, organic food centres and eateries patronised by the affluent.

You can turn part of your backyard into a small scale grasscutter breeding centre for a start. The investment includes the structure itself, grasscutter breeding colonies, cages, drinker and feeders, among others. Reproduction is twice in a year or more. Grasscutter weighing four kilogrammes can be sold to wholesalers for a sum of N10, 000. The revenue from small scale grasscutter business could make investment break even within six or seven months.

At Jovana Farms, we offer training services and materials for profitable grasscutter farming. One of the major challenges in grasscutter farming is getting the right breed, and this opens up a golden opportunity for technical company like ours to fill this gap. We do not only provide good breeders of grasscutters, mushrooms, fish, snails, we also teach farmers how to manage them for profitability. A farmer with no training, poor-quality animals and little or no animal health programme, and who suffers high stock losses from mortalities doesn’t remain motivated for long.

The market for grasscutters’ white-meat already exists. New farmers should be provided with the basics upon which to build a business to supply that market. This consists of training, foundation stock and essential inputs, as well as meaningful mentorship. Those who cannot attend our seminars can order for the self-tutorial video CD and book for profitable grasscutter production and train themselves. The primary objective is to bring this golden opportunity to the door step of every Nigerian as a very sure and potent means of conquering poverty.

We only specialise in captive bred grasscutter so our knowledge on grasscutters is second to none. For anyone thinking of purchasing good breed and wants the best grasscutter, coupled with the best service and knowledge, you have come to the right place.

Currently in the country, grasscutter farming is getting popular on the outskirts of urban areas and other big cities because of high demand from restaurants.

This business is suitable not only for entrepreneurs, student and housewives, but also retired white-collar workers who can earn additional income. Choosing the kind of grasscutter suitable for breeding is important because growing techniques vary depending on type. Are you weary of investing a large amount of capital on cheap and poor quality grasscutter breeding families, only to be disappointed when the animals rapidly loose condition and lack libido when you get them to your farm? Our crossbreed grasscutters will change your attitude.

My advice to intending farmers is to attend a training course for grasscutter growing and cautiously selects better breed and feed them well. In the past, some conventional grasscutter farmers failed to improve productivity, choosing cheap and poor-quality animals. Just prepare an area of at least three square metres at your house to develop into a small grasscutter unit that will fetch you big money. Nigeria is not poor; it’s poorly managed.

At Jovana farms, we have for sale, quality crossbred-grasscutter breeding colonies, mobile cages, feeders, drinkers and handling gadget, supplement feed, table-size grasscutters for consumption, restaurants supplies and for export market, etc.

If you are interested in starting a grasscutter breeding operation in your locality or looking at significantly upgrading the quality of your flocks in terms of fertility, hardiness, adaptability and meat carrying capacity, we have the right animals for your farm.

Our unique grasscutter business model will show you how to start and run a profitable grasscutter farm without stress.

Would you like to make money from ordinary grasscutter? Would you like to supply big hotels with grasscutters? Would you like to export grasscutter products abroad?

Are you sick and tired of waking up early and going to a job you hate? It doesn’t pay much after all. Are you tired of having someone decide how much you are worth, how to dress, when to take a holiday? They even decide when you eat lunch. Who told them you must be hungry at 12noon or 1pm?

Start a grasscutter business today and become your own boss. Call us and let us show you how to exit the rat-race with our new unique grasscutter business model. Be one of the first to launch this in your state.

It can be in the parking store, kitchen space, under the stair case, passage, balcony, backyard or any available space in your residence; even if you’re a tenant.

Where to sell your grasscutters? Top class hotels, eateries, suya spots, restaurants, bars, corner shops, beer palours, night clubs, wedding ground, burial ceremonies, barbeque spots,  you just name it, this business model is absolutely phenomenal. Grasscutter farming is a miracle waiting to happen in Nigeria livestock sector. Don’t be left out. Let’s get you started on the path to financial freedom.

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